Two critical factors to consider when installing your grow lights are mounting height and light intensity. These settings can vary based on the type of plants you are growing and what growth stage they are in. The following guide will offer two placement options to consider depending on your setup.

Static Placement

This method will keep your LED grow light at its original mounting height throughout the growing process. After installation, you will not need to make further adjustments to its placement. The light intensity level will also stay consistent throughout your plant’s growth cycle.


Dynamic Placement

This positioning will involve adjusting your grow light’s height as your plant develops. You will want to maintain a distance of approximately one and a half feet between your primary grow light and the plant’s canopy. Through each stage you will gradually increase the light intensity until reaching 100% brightness during flowering.


Dynamic Placement for Supplemental Lighting

For less intense supplemental lighting, you can place your grow light as close as 1 inch away from your plant at the minimum brightness level. As your plant develops you will steadily expand the light’s distance to 6 inches and increase to maximum brightness. Supplemental lights can be placed above the canopy to brighten a grow space’s dimmer corners. They can also be mounted near your plant's inter-canopy or under-canopy to reach underdeveloped areas.


It is recommended to closely monitor your plant’s progress and adjust your setup as needed for whichever mounting method you choose.