Plant Growing Guides

  Grow Tent Ventilation A comprehensive guide on what you need to know about ventilating your grow tent.
  Temperature and Humidity The essentials on temperature and humidity to create a fertile growing environment.

Basic Fan Guides

  Cabinet Fan Guide
Guidelines on optimal cabinet fan positioning, configurations, and CFMs.
  New Fan Project Guide
A quick start guide to help you determine what type of fan to use in your project.
  AIRTAP Programming A clear guide on how to set up your register booster fan.

Fan Specification Guides

  Voltage, Current and Wattage
Explains the various voltages, the difference between AC and DC, and how to calculate cost of electricity.
  Fan Speed, Bearings and Noise An overview of high and low speed fans, bearings, fan noise levels, and other performance specifications.
  Other Specifications Information on hertz frequency, static pressure, wattage, & revolutions per minute.

Ready to Order?

  Ordering Guide Instructions on how to order products on this website.