A day after seedlings appear through the potting mix, open the humidity dome (if you are using one) air vents to slowly lower the humidity. This will allow the seedlings to slowly adapt to a more neutral climate. Do not water the seedling unless the bottom of the nursery bag or fabric pot feels dry to the touch. Only use plain water.

Your plant will spend the first days of the seedling stage creating a root system, using energy provided by the cotyledon, to set the groundwork for the rest of its life cycle. The cotyledon is the first two round leaves that sprout when the seedling breaks through the soil. It can support plant growth until the first true leaves (the leaves with the pointy ends on them) develop. This is the reason why the above-ground growth starts at a snail’s pace.


Once the first set of true leaves develop, you can slowly start including a nitrogen-rich grow fertilizer to the potting mix whenever it dries up. We recommend using only 25% of the recommended amount. If you are using a humidity dome with built-in lighting, you may also set the light intensity at 70%.

Seedlings should stay in the plant tray or nursery bag (if used) until the true leaves start to grow past the outer edges of the tray or nursery bag. This will force the initial plant roots to grow in all directions, instead of just growing straight down, and build a robust root structure that can better support the plant’s growth throughout its life cycle.

Ideal Environment

  • Temperature Range: 70°-80°F (21°-27°C)
  • Humidity Range: 60-70% RH
  • Lighting Required: 13+ Hours/Day
  • Duration: 1-2 Weeks