Every hemp strain will have specific environmental requirements and growth traits, with its harvested buds also producing unique effects. Researching how a strain grows as well as a strain’s effect, independently or by checking with its breeder, will be vital in finding the one you want to grow. Key things to check for with any strain include: 

  • Average Grow Time
  • Max Height
  • Its Ideal Weather Condition
  • Resistance to Diseases and Pests
  • Average CBD/CBG/CBN Concentration
  • Average Yield Per Square Feet
  • Its Unique Cannabinoid Characteristics (smell, flavor, etc.)

Our best beginner strain recommendation is Cherry Wine. This strain hits all the checkboxes new growers look for: resilience to mold and mildew, high tolerance to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, short growth cycle, and large bud production. Cherry Wine plants grow short, making it easy to grow in smaller, indoor grow setups, while also producing 16% more CBD under optimal growing conditions. 

In addition to normal seeds, you will also find feminized seeds and auto-flowering seeds when you shop around. While buying normal seeds gives you a mixed production of male and female plants, feminized seeds will always yield female plants. This will eliminate the need to search for and remove male plants when they begin to mature. You may also find auto-flowering seeds that help simplify the growing process; they don’t require a change in light cycles to trigger the flowering stage but are harder to manage and have lower margin of error.