Controlling Other Lights

Our UIS™ controllers can work with grow lights from other brands, by using our Lighting Adapters or Control Plug. Connect your lighting fixture to our controllers to automate it with light cycles, scheduling, and even dynamic responses to temperature and humidity. Once your first light has connected to the controller, you can control additional lights using that light’s daisy-chain method. Your lights will also join the UIS platform of ventilators, circulators, humidifiers, and outlet equipment, all working together to create the ideal environment for your plants. Our WiFi-enabled smart controllers allow you to monitor and control your grow on your phone from anywhere while providing data charts and alert notifications via the AC Infinity app.



UIS Lighting Adapters

Our UIS lighting adapters are compatible with most grow lights with RJ11 and RJ12 connectors, which are telephone jack ports modified for dimming and daisy chaining lights. Each light manufacturer has a different dimming protocol so multiple adapter types are needed to cover a wide range of grow lights. If your light model is not compatible with our current lighting adapters, you may still be control it with the UIS control plug. Note that lighting adapters cannot receive power so your UIS controller needs to connect to another UIS device like our inline fan, clip fan, or UIS control plug to operate. Your UIS controller may also need a firmware update via our app to be compatible with the lighting adapters. 

Type-A (PWM and 0-10V Protocol)

The Type-A dongle is compatible with grow lights that use pulse-width modulation (PWM) or the 0-10V protocol to dim and control lighting. Even within the same protocol, light manufacturers often use different variations which results in limited dimming levels. Some fixtures may have a minimum voltage of 1V or greater, which will result in variable dimming levels that may not be as precise as those with full 0-10V voltage. This may result in the light not turning on until its set to a higher brightness level from the controller. 

Type-B (Resistor Protocol)

The Type-B dongle will adapt grow lights that are resistor-controlled, using analog dimming to control lighting. Analog dimming adjusts the average continuous LED current to set light intensity levels. This adapter is currently in development. Please check back for more information. 


List of Compatible Grow Lights by Brand

ATREUM - HYDRA Series (UIS Control Plug)

BESTVA - Bat, TF Series (Type-A)


CHILLED TECH - GROWCRAFT Series that are compatible with their Dimmer to RJ12 Adapter (Type-B)

FLORAFLEX (UIS Control Plug)


GROPLANNER - O, O+, Hyperlite Series (UIS Control Plug)

GROW LIGHT SCIENCE - Progrow Series (Type-A)

GROWER'S CHOICE - ROI Series (Type-A, Limited Dimming Range)

HLG - Dimmable Models with Meanwell Drivers (Type-A)

HLG - Dimmable Models with Inventronics Drivers (Type-B)


KIND LED - X, X2 Series (UIS Control Plug)

KINGBRITE (UIS Control Plug)

LIGHTGEEK - Geekbeast, Crazy Farmer, Monsterboard Series (UIS Control Plug)

LUMATEK - ZEUS and ATS Series that are compatible with their RJ12 Ethernet Adapter (Type-A, Limited Dimming Range)

LUXX - DE 1000, 645 LED Pro, 860W LED Pro 200W Bar (UIS Control Plug)

MARS HYDRO - TS, FC, FC-E, SP Series with Self-Branded Drivers (Type-A)

MARS HYDRO - TS, FC, FC-E, SP Series with Moso/Meanwell Drivers (Type-B)

MEDIC GROW - EZ and FOLD Series (Type-A)

MEDIC GROW - MINI SUN Series (Type-A, Limited Dimming Range)

MEDIC GROW - SPECTRUM Series (UIS Control Plug)

MIGRO - ARAY Series (Type-B)

NEXTLIGHT - Home, Pro Series (UIS Control Plug)

OPTIC LED - GMAX, SLIM Series (UIS Control Plug)

PHANTOM - Pheno 440 (Type-A)

PHANTOM - 50, DE, Photobio Series (UIS Control Plug)

PHLIZON - PL, FD, PRO Series (Type-A, Limited Dimming Range)

PHOTONTEK - X, XT, SQ Series that are compatible with their Dimmer to RJ12 Adapter (Type-A, Limited Dimming Range)

SPIDER FARMER - G, SE, SF Series with Self-Branded Drivers (Type-A)

SPIDER FARMER - SE, SF Series with Moso/Meanwell Drivers (Type-B)

SUNRAISE - Bar Series (Type-A)

THE GREEN SUNSHINE COMPANY - Electric Sky Series (UIS Control Plug)

VIPARSPECTRA - KS3000, KS5000 (Type-A)

VIPARSPECTRA - XS, P Series (UIS Control Plug)

VIVOSUN - VS Series (Type-A, Limited Dimming Range)

VOLT - VL, FL Series (Type-A)

More models added soon!

All BRANDS listed above are registered trademarks of their respective companies. AC Infinity does not claim any affiliation with these brands.


UIS Control Plug

You may use the UIS control plug as an alternative to our lighting adapters to control your grow light. This plug is compatible with outlet-powered devices like humidifiers, heaters, dehumidifiers, A/Cs, and grow lights. It receives commands from the UIS controller to turn equipment on/off by cutting its power or allowing power to passthrough its outlet. Please note that connecting your grow light using this socket adapter will only enable on/off control; you will not be able to control its dimming levels. Please see the Controlling Outlet Devices page for more information.