Germinating hemp plants in a plant tray or smaller bag to be transplanted once it grows larger provides several benefits: 

  • Takes up less space
  • Uses fewer resources
  • Prevents overwatering
  • Promotes a robust root structure

We recommend starting each grow in a plant tray filled with a potting mix or with a nursery bag filled with a potting mix. The easiest way to germinate seeds is to first wet the potting mix so that the seed is not disturbed by watering afterward, and then bury it ½ an inch into the potting mix.

You can increase your germination success rate by keeping the potting mix warm and maintaining a high humidity. Tools for this step include a heating mat, a humidity dome, and a light strip to place on top of the humidity dome.  

Before your seeds break through the potting mix, keep all vents in the humidity dome closed so that the moisture does not escape. Leave it closed until the seeds have germinated, which can range anywhere between a few days to a week.

Seeds require no light to germinate, so the lighting can be turned off or kept to a minimum until the plant has broken past the potting mix. Once it has sprouted, bring the strip light to 50% brightness, which will help direct the sprouting seeds upwards once they break through the potting mix.

You can also skip this entire process and start the grow in a fabric pot filled with a potting mix placed inside of the grow tent. This will simplify the process but will use up more resources to start and can slow the initial plant development if overwatering occurs.

Ideal Environment

  • Temperature Range: 70°-80°F (21°-27°C)
  • Humidity Range: 70-80% RH
  • Lighting Required: 13+ Hours/Day
  • Duration: 1-2 Weeks