Our line of smart UIS™ controllers can provide intelligent programming to your existing outlet devices using our UIS control plug. You can connect your favorite grow devices like humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, and air conditioners to integrate them into the UIS platform while equipping them with smart programming and app control.

Please note connecting your outlet device using this socket adapter will only enable on/off control.

Please also note only devices that automatically starts functioning when they are plugged in are compatible with the control plug and your UIS controller. Devices that require an additional button press or switch flip to function cannot be controlled by your UIS controller since the power button will override any power controls.


Connecting to CONTROLLER 69

Plug the UIS control plug into an AC power outlet and connect it to a UIS controller like CONTROLLER 69 using its included extension cord. Plug your outlet device into the control plug's power socket to complete the installation. Your outlet device will be able to be used with any one of our smart controllers out of the box.


Quick Start Set Up

Before setting any smart programming, you must first establish some prerequisite parameters in order for your plugged-in outlet device to properly function with them.

  1. Set OFF Mode level to 0.
  2. Set ON Mode level to 1.

This will establish its device level in other modes including triggers, timers, cycles, and schedules. It is vital to set the OFF Mode as 0 so that your outlet device can properly shut off. While any ON Mode level over 0 will activate your outlet device, setting it to 1 will immediately turn your device on without delay.

Once this set up is complete, you may apply Auto Mode climate triggers or any time-based programming to your outlet device to manipulate your grow space climate.

obd-off-mode.jpg obd-on-modes.jpg