AC Infinity is on MIGRO!

Last month, we were featured in a MIGRO video in which he demonstrates our UIS ecosystem! We knew that our LED grow lights were going to be a hit, efficiently offering incredible lighting performance. But we also knew there was no better endorsement than from the people over at MIGRO, the leading expert in grow lighting technology. So we reached out to MIGRO to help showcase what we have to offer. Short for Universal Infinity System, UIS is our suite of grow devices that come together to create the ideal climate for growing your favorite plants.

Shane hosts for the MIGRO channel and in this video, shares his experience with putting together our grow package and provides an in-depth look into each component. He explores the interconnectivity of our system as well as its modulability, allowing you to quickly plug and play as needed to upgrade your grow tent build. The CONTROLLER 69 and the AC Infinity app gets the most coverage though, as he shows off its advanced functionality and how both in tandem ties the entire system together. 

Watch his video below for his expert analysis, subscribe to MIGRO on Youtube, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more MIGRO content.