Benefits of Heating Your Grow Space

When it comes to regulating your grow space’s climate, effective heating is one aspect that you don’t want to overlook. Seasonal shifts and sudden temperature drops can prove devastating to a plant’s health, which is why a portable heater can prove the perfect option to ensuring a successful indoor grow.

Year-Round Support

Depending on where you live, a heater may be a necessity throughout the colder seasons. Stress and disease caused by dropping temperatures will negatively impact nutrient uptake, stunt plant growth, or prove even more harmful. This is especially tricky to avoid if you grow in a garage, basement, or other area that is difficult to warm up. A portable heater offers the ideal solution then, as you can use ducting to conveniently direct warm air to specific spots. Save on energy by not attempting to heat the entire room but instead focusing on where it is needed most.

A Steadier Climate

Even in locations that boast higher temperatures year-round, heaters help to provide a more consistent climate. Regulate your environment by setting triggers, timers, and daily cycles to always keep your temperature within a desired range. Adjusting the heater’s intensity level gives you even greater control as it allows you to gently warm an area or quickly heat the space up. 

More Advanced Control

The programming features to help boost plant growth don't end there. Heaters with VPD (vapor pressure deficit) controls track the temperature of your plant and surrounding air plus humidity to maintain the optimal climate for plants to thrive in. Pairing your heater with additional devices like inline fans and humidifiers ensures even more nuanced control over your harvest.

Whether you are combatting the cold or simply looking for more precise regulation, a smart heater is an invaluable addition to any grower’s setup.