Technical Issues

Can AC Infinity fans be mounted vertically?

All AC Infinity fans contain premium dual-ball bearings which enable them to be mounted both horizontally and vertically. They can actually be mounted in any direction without loss in life expectancy. This includes CLOUDLINE Series, AIRTAP Series, AIRPLATE Series, AIRTITAN Series, and any other fan system by AC Infinity.

Can I then rotate the motor cap so that it is displayed right side up?

Yes. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the four bolts from the motor cap. Rotate it to your desired orientation, and place the screws back in to complete the rotation.

Should the plastic cap on the sensor probe be removed?

Yes, the plastic cap should be removed during use. The cap was designed to protect the sensor during transit. 

How to determine what size fan I need for my grow tent, basement, garage etc.

Many of our fans use cubic feet per minute (CFM) to measure airflow. Whether you are ventilating a grow tent, server closet, or other spaces, you will first need to find the cubic feet of your space: Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H). This will equal your CFM requirement and will help you determine what size fan you will need. For more information, please read our grow tent ventilation guide.

I want to daisy chain my CLOUDLINE, AIRTITAN, or AIRLIFT fan to my controller. Can I buy a fan on its own?

Currently, we do not offer our silent fans without their controllers. These fans are packaged so they are ready to use on their own. We suggest purchasing the S-Series version of the fan you are looking for as a cost-saving measure.

Can I directly wire my fan into an existing electrical system?

We do not recommend hard wiring your fans into your existing power source. Our two-year warranty does not cover damage sustained as a result of any modifications done to our products' wiring.

How do I program my register vent fan?

Please follow our AIRTAP programming guide to learn how to set up your air vent booster fan.

Can I mount my register booster fan on my ceiling?

We do not recommend mounting your register booster fan on your ceiling. We want to ensure the safety of our customers and prevent potential injury. Thus, our two-year warranty does not cover product damage sustained as a result of our product falling from the ceiling.

Returns, Exchanges, and Warranties

Do I need to register my product in order for me to use the two-year warranty?

No further action is needed to enact our two-year warranty after you have purchased our products. Simply contact us if you have any issues with our products.

I want to return my AC Infinity products. What are my next steps?

Please fill out our form to begin the return or exchange process.

International Orders

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to most countries worldwide, however some international restrictions do not permit us to deliver to certain countries. To see if we deliver to your country, add you products to your cart and proceed to the checkout phase. If your country is listed in the dropdown box, we can deliver to you.

How much will it cost to ship to my country?

To get an accurate shipping quote, add your desired products to your cart and select a shipping method during the checkout phase.

When I make a purchase, will I be paying in US Dollars or my own currency?

Once you purchase your fans and accessories in the checkout phase, the grand total will be charged to your credit card in your local currency.

Do I need a travel adapter or converter to use your fans?

AC Infinity fans use a standard type A or B North American AC power plug, NEMA 1-15P. If your country does not use these sockets, you will have to use a simple travel adapter.

Other Questions

When will my product be back in stock?

If the product you are looking for is out of stock, please refer to the ETA in its title. This date is subject to change based on shipment times of our restock order.

Where is my order? I've been waiting for a few days now and my package hasn't moved!

If your order has a tracking number but no status updates, please rest assured that your order has already been shipped. Shipping carriers have experienced larger volumes of parcels to fulfill so their processing time has extended as well. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please allow some time for the shipping carrier to update the package’s status on their end.

Do you accept cash, checks, or money orders as forms of payment?

No, we only accept credit or debit card as payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Paypal.

Is there a coupon code that I can use right now?

For any discounts, sales, or deals, please follow our social media pages to be notified of any promotions we may have:



Do you offer military, student, or first-responder discounts?

While we thank our men and women in uniform for their service, we currently do not offer military discounts.

Do you have an ETA of when an out-of-stock product will be back in stock?

Our out-of-stock products are being replenished as soon as possible, with the majority being back in stock within 1-2 weeks. Our customer service agents do not have an estimated time of when a product will be back in stock. We recommend checking out other sales channels for availability and putting your email on the restock notifications box on the product page.