The Different Travel Adapters You Need in Other Countries

Every country has its own unique power plug and supply voltage that they think is more efficient than the American system. Talks of standardizing the type of plug used were initially pushed back when the Great War and World War II took place. And while a universal standard plug was proposed in 1986, demand for it was not very high; countries had evolved the American Type A to their use and standards and has used it for decades.

At this point, it would be expensive to convert an entire country to use a universally standard plug. So today we have no less than 15 different kinds of electrical plugs and voltages. If you are moving from North America to another continent, you may need to use power plug adapter to safely use our smart cooling fans. International customers will have their respective adapter included with their cooling fans when purchasing from Amazon. Via  Electrical Safety First, here is a short list of the travel adapters you will need:

Country Plug Type Voltage Frequency
USA Type A or B 120V 60 Hz
Canada Type A or B 120V 60 Hz
Germany Type C or F 230V 50 Hz
Japan Type A or B 100V 50/60 Hz
Mexico Type A or B 127V 60 Hz
United Kingdom Type G 230V 50 Hz
Australia Type I 230V 50 Hz
India Type C, D or M 120V 50 Hz