AC Infinity announces the arrival of the CLOUDFORGE plant humidifier! Similar to optimal temperature and lighting, humidity is a vital element in establishing the ideal grow environment Whether seeking a humidifier for plants around the home or within a grow tent setting, our CLOUDFORGE series will help maintain dynamic climate control.

Timer Programming

Depending on your location and changes in the seasons, setting a timer for your plant humidifier is a viable option. For example, operating the humidifier for an hour or two in the morning would allow excess moisture to evaporate throughout the rest of the day. Our TIMER mode sets the CLOUDFORGE to run for 1 to 12 hours as the LED touch interface tracks the remaining time. For further convenience, when the humidifier is paired with our UIS™ controller, it can be scheduled to automatically run at any point of the day.

Auto-Start Function

While sticking to a recurring schedule is a practical choice, our AUTO mode delivers the ability to react to environmental changes in real-time. Simply program a low humidity trigger anywhere between 35 and 95% (marked in 5% increments). Whenever the precision sensor probe detects a drop below your trigger point, the CLOUDFORGE will activate until the humidity again rises above your specified range. This function ensures a steady, regulated climate all day.

Precision Vapors

However you choose to monitor your grow environment, the humidifier’s intensity and location will make a major difference in effectiveness. Placing it too close to your plants or choosing too high a level can lead to oversaturation, adversely affecting foliage and growth. That is why VAPOR mode offers four levels of operation. Simply choose a level and attach the included hose for precise humidity output to specific areas of your room or tent. The CLOUDFORGE T7 will include interchangeable nozzles that allow for either focused output to a specific area or a wide distribution over a larger space.

Once power levels and coverage are set, the CLOUDFORGE will maintain an optimal environment. You can closely monitor for any shifts in the atmosphere through its innovative onboard controls, or go even further through our smart controllers or the AC Infinity app

See how the CLOUDFORGE series of plant humidifiers can make a definite difference in your plant's health year-round.