Enter the CLOUDRAY S6!

AC Infinity announces the arrival of the CLOUDRAY S6 self-oscillating clip fan! Designed from the ground up for grow space environments, our CLOUDRAY series offers unparalleled precision when it comes to air circulation. Thanks to its digital ten speeds and auto-oscillation feature, these fans will provide greater circulation through every stage of your plant’s growth cycle. Learn all the S6’s incredible new features as we move up our initial release to this Friday!

Auto Oscillation

Perhaps the most highly anticipated feature we have implemented is the fan’s ability to self-oscillate. This addition creates a more organic environment for your plant to thrive in by virtue of the dynamic airflow. Introducing such natural elements will make for sturdier plants and prevent unwanted microorganisms from building up. Combine that with a 90° rotation range and an adjustable vertical tilt, and you will have total air circulation control.

Rated For Grow Environments

Each CLOUDRAY clip-on fan is designed to withstand high humidity and temperatures due to our IP-44 rated sealant. This extends the use life of the clip fan to ensure proficient circulation and overall peak performance for many years in the harshest of conditions. So however you choose to grow, our clip fans will prosper through any variation in the environment.

Efficient Performance

Adjust airflow from 0-10 without expending extra energy thanks to our use of PWM technology. This range allows for flexible circulation levels that generates everything from gentle breezes to strong winds. The EC motor returns as the engine that allows the CLOUDRAY S6 to further improve its energy efficiency. It also allows for greater controllability and connectivity to our line of intelligent controllers.

Advance Controls

Access wireless fan speed control by pairing it with CONTROLLER 63 or access smart programming with CONTROLLER 69. With the latter, you will be able to set climate trigger, cycle, and schedule programs and more due to the CLOUDRAY’s UIS™ compatibility. Get convenient control this smart programming, as well as access to data charts and automation programs, by pairing your UIS™ controller with the AC Infinity app. 

The CLOUDRAY S6 is available starting this Friday, May 20th at 12 pm PST. We can’t wait for you to try it out and see for yourself how this invaluable addition will optimize your grow!