Enter the CONTROLLER 67!

AC Infinity announces the arrival of our latest temperature and humidity controller! This build retains features that has made our controller popular like its sleek design, climate-controlled triggers, and dual fan support. But by adding quintessential functions that stabilize grow environments, we are giving grow tent users the best chance for their plants to thrive. Here is the rundown of this controller’s latest updates.

Minimum Fan Speed

We’ve implemented the ability to blow constant air at a default speed. This is to address growers who need to keep their space fresh and from getting stale. By consistently streaming fresh air at low fan speeds, your plants will enjoy CO2 rich air and keep a baseline temperature all day.

Set the minimum fan speed in the controller’s OFF mode where your exhaust fan will not activate. All other functions will operate under this setting.

Dynamic Speed Transition

The temperature and humidity controller can now incrementally adjust fan speed as the climate changes. Every step up or down in fan speed will require a threshold to be crossed until the maximum fan speed or target climate is achieved. This will create smooth, transitional airflow that will not haphazardly react to spikes or dips. 

Temperature and humidity transitions can work in tandem and be independently adjusted.

Timer Modes

This controller is now equipped with three new timers to put even more customization in your hands for a variety of uses and applications.

  • TIMER TO ON/OFF: These standard timers set a countdown for a one-time activation of your exhaust fan’s ON mode or OFF mode. They can be used individually or together for a temporary boost in cooling while you step away.
  • CYCLE: Cycling will create an alternation between your exhaust fan’s ON mode and OFF mode fan speeds.
  • SCHEDULE: Scheduling a fan activation time will allow you to provide airflow at a time of day when it is most hot or humid. 

The CONTROLLER 67 is now available standalone to upgrade your inline duct fan or shutter exhaust fan system. It is compatible with the CLOUDLINE Series, AIRLIFT Series and CLOUDRAY Series that use EC motors.