Enter the CONTROLLER 76!

AC Infinity announces the arrival of CONTROLLER 76, our next-generation temperature and humidity power outlet controller! The intelligent controls that make our  flagship controller the best in its class return in this build, adopting features like its sleek design, climate-controlled triggers, and dual-outlet support. For those who need to automate their devices’ activation, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Smart Programming

CONTROLLER 76 powers on or shuts off your outlet devices in response to your room’s temperature and humidity levels. Set high triggers or low triggers to customize and gain greater control of your cooling, heating, and ventilation.

This smart outlet controller is also equipped with our three timer modes that put even more customization in your hands for a variety of uses and applications.

  • TIMER TO ON/OFF: These standard timers set a countdown for a one-time activation of your exhaust fan’s ON mode or OFF mode. They can be used individually or together for a temporary boost in cooling while you step away.
  • CYCLE: Cycling will create an alternation between your exhaust fan’s ON mode and OFF mode fan speeds.
  • SCHEDULE: Scheduling a fan activation time will allow you to provide airflow at a time of day when it is most hot or humid. 

Customize Power Buffers

Exclusive to this smart outlet controller is the newly programmable buffering, which creates a gap from your temperature or humidity trigger. Climate conditions can wildly vary and change haphazardly which can affect your plug-in devices’ lifespan if they turn on or shut off too quickly. By establishing a buffer, you can smoothly deactivate your seed mats and circulation fans as the temperature or humidity drops.

Let’s use a high temperature trigger setting of 85°F and a temperature buffer setting of 4°F as an example. Your device will turn on upon reaching 85°, only turning off when it drops down to 81° when factoring in the buffer.

CONTROLLER 76 is available now for you to automate your seedling heat mats, circulator fans, and many other outlet devices. We can’t wait to show you what’s next!