Enter the Self-Watering Fabric Pot Base!

AC Infinity announces the arrival of the SELF-WATERING FABRIC POT BASE! All growers must wonder how much water is enough. Too much and you risk root rot or algae growth. Not enough and the plant wilts. Even once that equilibrium is found, you still must contend with messes thanks to flimsy, unstable dip trays. We’ve proudly created a first-of-its-kind solution that eliminates the guesswork and the mess work, available to order now!

Water Management

Our proprietary design improves upon standard garden drip trays to create the most distinctive auto-irrigation system. It not only collects water run-off but also recycles it by delivering it up to your plant’s roots using the adjustable wick lines. This planter platform features a large-capacity reservoir that is capped by a sturdy reservoir plate that lets run-off drip through. The plate is built with an opening to hold the reservoir meter for gauging water levels and a spout to facilitate draining and replenishing. You can keep pests, mold, and mildew from gathering when keeping a filled fabric pot atop the base.

Solid Construction

The SELF-WATERING POT BASE is the perfect support system for all plants leaving their seedling stage or entering their vegetative stage. Its high-lipped build enables a 1-gallon water capacity while its thickness helps keep the structural integrity when replenishing the water supply. The solid construction is further supported by the centrally located interior column, which enables it to carry up to 100 pounds of 5-gallon pots.

This auto-irrigation base will provide a consistent supply of water to eliminate the need to actively water your plants. See for yourself how it works and get your 4-pack today.