Improve Air Circulation In Your Home with a Room to Room Fan

AC Infinity announces the arrival of the room-to-room fan! When it comes to cooling your home, maintaining a stable temperature between rooms can prove trickier than you think. Whether due to size, location, or ventilation, some spaces naturally run hotter than others. Our through-wall fan can prove the perfect solution to improving air circulation. Its flexible functionality allows for a range of uses, from a kitchen exhaust fan to a vent for a rec room. Whatever your needs, our digitally reversible room-to-room fan quietly circulates air for even temperatures throughout your home while utilizing these next-level features.

Reversible Airflow

Unlike a floor or ceiling fan, our through-wall fan primarily improves temperatures by exchanging air between rooms. Simplifying this process is our digitally reversible design, which transitions from an intake to an exhaust system with the press of a button. No physical reassembly is required to enjoy the innovative benefits. Stuffier or warmer rooms will naturally cool as they receive proper airflow and establish a more balanced environment.

Intelligent Controls

In addition to its effortless airflow alternation, this two-way fan also features smart controls for many ways to activate it. They include ten adjustable speeds for optimal circulation as well as custom transition settings for gradual speed adjustment. Triggers can be utilized to automate the environment, ensuring rooms remain within a specific temperature range. For further convenience, timers and cycles make it possible to run the fan only during certain times of the day. Such intelligent programming allows for precise management without the need for constant adjustments.

Quiet Operation

As air circulates regularly through rooms, its EC motor will ensure that airflow remains at a low noise level. This quiet performance is achieved by the motor's efficient capabilities, which only exerts as much energy as needed at any given moment. This allows the PWM (pulse width modulation) controls to perform optimally at every speed, delivering smooth and quiet functionality without excess motor noise.

With alternating air circulation, convenient smart controls, and subdued sound levels, our  room-to-room fans make for an appealing addition wherever they are installed. From workshops to laundry rooms, this sleekly designed unit will improve ventilation and can start cooling your home today.