Successful Seed Starting with Coco Coir

Growing indoors gives you near total control over your environment. Regulating the lighting, climate, and airflow lets you maintain precise conditions for your plants, but picking the right grow medium is just as crucial. A sturdy, nutrient-rich base is vital for your seedlings to thrive, and coco coir is the perfect choice to boost your grow from the start.

Improved Nutrient Absorption

Coco coir consists of finely buffered and washed coconut fiber, providing an organic and biodegradable alternative to soil. One major benefit of this grow medium is its effectiveness in helping plants absorb nutrients. Due to the spongy texture, it naturally retains those nutrients and creates a richer environment for the plant to thrive in. Coco coir is also pH neutral and contains less salinity, making it a reliable base that can be easily adjusted as needed.

Increased Pest Protection

Another advantage of using a soilless grow medium is that you instantly create a pest and pathogen-free space for your plant. Eliminating the risk of bugs and disease right from the beginning makes for less maintenance through the plant’s life cycle. This minimizes the threat of stunted growth or bud rot which may result in smaller yields.

Healthier Root Structures

While coco coir creates a more stable environment, it also leaves plenty of room for plants to expand. Roots are given much needed space to spread out, granting them greater access to air and water along the way. This is especially beneficial in breathable fabric pots, making it possible for the roots to reach through the planter for further improved breathability.

Our instant potting mix works wonders for seed starting, and is available in both full kits and individual bricks. Whether beginning a new grow or transplanting a fully developed plant, AC Infinity has your growing needs covered.