Why Should You Use Industrial Floor Wall Fans?

When air conditioning units are not an option, industrial fans can be a great lightweight (and cheaper) option to cool and ventilate your space. While they are some quieter models, industrial fans aren’t exactly silent either, especially when used at full blast. Regardless, these types of circulators deliver great levels of airflow while being simple to use. Why else should you use industrial fans?


Industrial fans are often found hung or mounted on walls or warehouse shelf frames as a space-saving measure. When suspended in the air, these wall fans make way for other equipment that needs floor space such as gym equipment, furniture, or woodshop workstations. When no such space requirement exists, the wall fan’s frame can act as a stand to place the fan on the floor to cool lower areas of your space. This versatility allows the industrial fan to work anywhere at any time.

Greater Air Circulation

While other circulators push air in one direction, like ceiling fans pushing down, industrial fans can push air throughout a space. Whether they are wall mounted or placed on the floor, the fan head can swivel to blow air in a wide range of angles. This is makes them great for moving cool air around an area or removing heat that rises to the ceiling.

Quicker Evaporation

Fans whisk away sweat and moisture from skin and other surfaces, hastening the evaporation process and bodily cooling. While naturally found in gyms for this purpose, this benefit is especially useful in greenhouse settings where humidity levels are high. Evaporating excess water from plant leaves will keep them cool and dry and in a healthier state. Additionally, greenhouses are not only homes to plants but also lighting, dehumidifiers, and other grow equipment, prompting a need for ventilation to:

  • Even out ambient air conditions
  • Reduce plant rot and molding
  • Exhaust plant respiration

Similar needs are found in settings like gyms, garages, sheds, and workshops to tailor comfort inside.